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8 December 2020 16:00-17:00


Complex? Rolling out multi-site rooftop solar may seem challenging at first glance. But you can overcome complexity and reap the rewards of clean electricity below grid prices as is the case throughout most of Europe.

Travel back in time with SolarCity founder Pete Rive to the days when the rooftop solar boom hit the US. Learn how he worked with customers like Walmart and Intel, turning what looked like one big minefield into smooth sailing. How did these giants successfully roll out solar across broad real estate portfolios and realize savings from day one without getting bogged down with details?

Also learn from experienced corporate buyer Christofer Salmén, Asset Manager at Alecta, one of the largest occupational pension providers in Europe. Christofer was responsible for driving Alecta’s strategic solar program, where a solar strategy was developed and rooftop solar power was implemented across the portfolio. Hear Christofer share his best advice and tips based on his experiences.

Tune in as Alight CEO Harald Överholm engages Peter Rive and Christofer Salmén in a discussion about overcoming complexity and mastering multi-site solar rooftop rollouts.

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    Christofer Salmén
    Asset Manager at Alecta

    Christofer is responsible for managing the retail portfolio at Alecta, one of the largest occupational pension providers in Europe. Alecta owns substantial real estate properties, including Sweden’s biggest retail parks, hotels and offices. Christofer was responsible for initiating and driving Alecta’s strategic solar program, started already in 2018, where a solar strategy was developed and rooftop solar power was implemented across the portfolio via Power Purchase Agreements.

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    Harald Överholm
    Co-founder and CEO at Alight

    Harald was previously a cleantech venture capitalist and an adviser on solar markets to the WWF and the Swedish Government. He earned his PhD from the University of Cambridge with a thesis on solar diffusion and PPAs. He is a member of the International Energy Agency’s PVPS workgroup on solar business models, a former associate with leading global sustainability think tank Stockholm Environment Institute, and a former board member of the Swedish Solar Energy Association.

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    Peter Rive
    Founder of SolarCity (now Tesla Energy)

    Peter is a founder of SolarCity (IPO Nasdaq 2012), one of the largest US solar PPA firms, which has merged with Tesla and been rebranded as Tesla Energy. Peter has in-depth experience of supporting large corporate buyers, such as Walmart and Intel, in rolling out solar effectively across a large number (100+) of sites. During Peter's time at SolarCity, the company completed more than 300,000 solar power installations.

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    December 8th  -   16:00-17:00 CET

    The webinar will be hosted in zoom. We will send out a link prior to the webinar.

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